Drop off and Collection Policy
  • We open at 7:30 am and close at 6:30 pm Monday to Friday


  • You can change your collection arrangements or add a family member or guardian to our approved list, this must be approved by the nursery manager, please contact us with this request.


  • We need to be kept informed to ensure the safety and security of your child, and your full co-operation is required in this matter. 


  • We will NOT hand over your child to someone we do not know. 


  • We ask parents to provide passport photos of responsible adults and to set a password which will be added to our system.


  • In absent of this information and you want someone else to pick your child, we will contact the parents for permission, and children will not be allowed to leave the nursery without all these procedures being followed.


  • Please refer to our policies within the nursery for further information or contact us to discuss with the manager.