Outing Policy

We take children out regularly to the park, library, and other local places of interest.


Though, we cannot take children out without parent's prior written consent. The form signed at the time of the child's admission outlines the types of outings we go on (including modes of transport), but if we are going further away from our local area we will seek further permission.


We only take small groups of children out of the nursery at any one time, and before we leave, we make every effort to ensure that all of our staffing and child safety procedures are in place.


We also carry out a risk assessment at the venue prior to departure and identify any possible hazards that may occur on the journey to and from the nursery.


Staff ratios are strictly adhered to provide full supervision, and children are allocated to a specific adult who they will stay with for the duration of the visit.


The adult in charge will have a mobile phone, the personal details of each child and any medication necessary. A form with a description of each child and what they are wearing will also be in their possession, along with a copy of the lost child policy should this occur.


As part of our safeguarding procedure and whilst on an outing, staff will not permit any photographs to be taken of the children by any other persons except for the adults in charge. Every child going on a visit must also take an outing bag with them. This should contain spare clothing, water, a drinking beaker, and a small first aid kit.


Parents can put this together in advance. Please ask us for details.