Zippy’s Nursery: Who We Are

About Us
  • When our founder Chizzy’s son started school over 10 years ago, his teacher asked if he’d been to nursery because he couldn’t hold a pen.

    Chizzy was shocked! Her little boy had been to nursery for over 2 years & yet was not prepared for school. It made her so sad.

    She realised as a parent, she didn’t know what was expected when a child started school – like being able to write their own name, put on their coat, sit down to eat on their own & concentrate during story time.

    It fired a passion in her, that she wanted to help other children & parents to never go through the same experience. 

    And after 2 years of research, finding the perfect location & team – Zippys Day Nursery was born!

    Since then, we’ve cared for over 1500 children at our nursery on Greenwich High Road.

    Our expertise is learning through play, focusing on 7 key learning areas to give each & every child the foundations they need to excel & be happy, when they start school.

    Our hand-picked, fully qualified nursery team come from a diverse range of backgrounds. We’re constantly training & developing our team to provide the highest level of education & care for your child.

    And as a parent, we’re always here to support you too. Our door is always open for any questions you might have & honest conversations!

    Above all else, we truly care. When you walk into the building, you’ll feel the happiness & loving energy! We’re not a chain nursery & every single child in our care is treated as the special, unique individual they are.

    We love what we do & our nursery SO much more than just coming, playing & going home again.

    So do take a look around our website & then register to come and have a look around!


    At Greenwich day nursery and preschool, we are much more than just a place your child comes during the day. From a place of genuine love and care, our goal is to help your child learn, grow, and realise their own identity from the earliest age. With that in mind, we have developed a loving daycare centre where they can feel warmth, happiness, joy, and have fun, while at the same time setting the foundations of their education and development.

    Our Mission

    We believe childcare should be about more than just a comfortable place to drop your child off while you work. With childcare in London, many larger nurseries will begin to lose sight of the individual. We know how special and important every child is to their parents–and they are just as unique to us! Our mission is to make sure your child leaves every day having grown and learned something new–whether about the world or themselves.

    Our Caring Staff

    The most important building block of our daycare in Greenwich is the people who make it. From the founder to every member of staff, we all have experience with children of our own. Our experienced staff can provide the real care that your child needs, and support them throughout the day in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.

    Got Questions? Get in Touch

    If you are looking for a nursery in Greenwich, we would be thrilled to help your child on these crucial steps in their life. We understand the significance of this decision and the levels of trust that must be placed in us, so if you have any questions or would like to book a place for your child, get in touch today and we can arrange it.

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    • Postal Address

      4 Merryweather Pl,
      London SE10 8BN,

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: 020 8691 4070

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      7.30 am – 6.30 pm
      Weekend Closed

    • Sessions

      Mornings, 7.30 am – 1pm
      Afternoons, 1.30 pm – 6.30 pm
      Full Day, 7.30 am – 6.30 pm