In the Best Hands: Zippy’s Day Nursery Preschool

Our Facilities
  • At Zippy’s Day Nursery in Greenwich, we understand the trust you place in us by allowing us to take care of your child. But we aim to do so much more than simply care for them. Our nursery and preschool will enrich their days with fun and growth, making sure they enjoy their time with us while also setting up the building blocks of their education and curiosity.

  • Preparing the First Steps

    Our Central London nursery is focused on your child’s bright and colourful future. We offer care for young children of ages up to 5, with themed rooms for up to a year old and for children aged 1-2, 2-3, and 3-5. Each environment is tailored to the particular development needs of a child at that age. We will help your children build confidence and get them ready for reception, all the while stimulating their identity and independence.

  • Who We Are: Experienced Mums

    At our Greenwich nursery, we want you to feel confident your children are in good hands–and that’s why we have a staff of experienced mums to provide genuine care for your children. Being away from your child is hard at this young age–for both of you. With the experience of looking after children of our own, we can guarantee the best and most attentive care for your kids.

  • Focus on Food

    Anyone who has ever had to handle a grumpy, hungry little one knows the value of a good meal. We place a big emphasis on high-quality, homemade meals to get your child the best nutrition while they’re with us. These meals are designed by a nutritionist.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Spaces to Learn and Play

    Our nursery has been designed to make the very most of every moment your child spends in our care. Each room is filled with equipment to help them learn through play and to build their confidence and curiosity. Each day is enriched with hands-on experiences and activities, from music classes to trips to library, visits to the local zoo & learning mandarin!

  • Little Pearls Room0 - 12 months Olds

    This room is designed to give our little pearls the comfort and tranquillity they deserve, while being fully equipped with everything they need to support their learning & development. It’s a very cosy, comfortable & happy space!

  • Butterflies Room 12 - 24 months Olds

    The room is spacious, warm and home-like, where our little butterflies begin their development journey! It’s fully kitted out with modern equipment, books, toys and games to help each child in the 3 core areas of their learning & development.

  • Dolphins Room 24- 36 months old

    The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. So this room has been lovingly designed with that in mind! With all the 7 areas of learning taken care of, this is a very exciting and special room with lots of stimulating equipment to support your child’s development.

  • Raccoon's Room 3 - 5 Years Olds

    The Racoon’s Room is for our pre-schoolers. It’s a big space, covering all the 7 areas of learning your child needs for this crucial phase of their development. Both relaxing & stimulating, there’s all the room they need to learn, explore & play and be school-ready! 

  • Garden Out Door Experience

    At Zippys Day Nursery, we go above and beyond, to inspire our children and encourage them to enquire and learn. This class gives your child a new way to experience learning in an outdoor environment, to build their confidence & be ready for all weather conditions for life & school!

  • Extra Curriculum Activities Music, Dance, Computer, Mindfulness & Mandarin Classes

    Every week at Zippys Day Nursery, your child will discover a whole host of new experiences with these classes. Taught by professionals & experts in their field, each class is the perfect blend of fun, learning & new skills!

    We also run a range of clubs during our morning sessions, with continuous learning week after week – including Lego, Phonics and Art (focusing on wellbeing & mindfulness through art). Which the children really love!

  • Get in Touch

    If you have any questions or queries, get in touch today and we’d be thrilled to discuss your child’s needs. Give us a call or book a visit today at one of the leading day nurseries in London.